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We are committed to industry specialization because we know you don’t have time for a learning curve. Here are the industries where we have world-class expertise.

Power & Utilities

We work closely with power and utilities companies to identify market opportunities, and plan for long-term growth so they can provide efficient, reliable and safe networks and service.

Our consultants and industry experts focusing on power and utilities continue to partner with leading organizations to arrive at solutions in generation, renewables, networks, sales & services, and more.

Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure

The great test for engineering, construction, and infrastructure companies is to increase productivity.

In addition, projects are getting larger, riskier, and more complex, yet government's and other sponsor's budgets for capital projects are under pressure globally, which limits the resources available for large construction projects. In such a market environment, delivering projects on time, on budget, more efficiently, and more reliably are today’s top priorities for First Advisory to help our customers.

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